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CEO - Taiber Group

Dr Taiber is the founder of the International  Smart Mobility Testbed alliance whose mission is to develop a unique international portfolio of smart mobility testbeds that meet the highest quality standards and are being constantly updated according to shared best practices and research outcomes to accelerate the adoption of automated mobility services.  Generate test data sets that can be utilized across the network of certified mobility-as-a-service testbeds in a plug-and-play manner.


Professor, University of Washington

Dr. Olden is a freshwater ecologist who is addressing the challenges associated with invasive species, climate change, and urbanization in freshwater environments. He has an international record of publication excellence represented by over 200 published papers that collectively seek to advance the science informing on-the-ground management and conservation decisions. Recent projects involve exploring the power of technology to tackle pressing societal problems from invasive species. 

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CEO, Beyond Blue Holdings

Our value comes through our ability to collaborate with our client partners to unlock innovation, identify unmet needs, and unearth opportunities that result in the launch of new products, services or business entities. Our processes are designed to deliver a quick and cost-effective way to identify, test and refine winning solutions in a repeatable, ongoing learning environment.

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